Alberta, Canada


Helping people navigate the school system

“Beyond the Facilitator” Coaching

I offer Zoom or Google Meet (or phone) coaching for those home educators who need help, reassurance and support. I am a former principal, classroom teacher and a home education specialist with a Masters degree in Education and these sessions focus on the education of your child and helping you figure out the direction that would best for your family. I enjoy speaking with people with all different viewpoints and approaches to their child’s education.

To book an appointment, use the contact form below to request a time and day. You must pre-pay for your time slot so I will be in touch so you can do that.


  • 1st Session: $250 per 1.5 hour session includes 2 email follow-ups
  • Subsequent sessions: $200 per 1 hour session

Coaching sessions are highly individualized and based on need but most coaching sessions include the following help:

  • Determine where you are at with homeschooling and where you want to be
  • Answer your questions about home education
  • Discuss ideas around unschooling and determine if that’s the route you want to go
  • I cannot answer questions about every law in every province and state but I am very familiar with the Alberta and British Columbia laws and regulations regarding home education
  • Suggestions about how to help your child get to where they want to go in life
  • Ideas about how to facilitate or choose programming based on your individual family’s needs
  • Determining what your philosophy is in home education and using that to help you move forward
  • Working through your fears and insecurities about home education (and helping you dispel myths)
  • Helping you answer questions from family and friends when they do not agree with your decision to home educate your child/ren
  • Help you build your confidence in your home schooling journey. Confident parents make way better home educators!
  • Much more than this!