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This resource list was released on my Facebook page in 2020 as a response to the shut down of schools. I have separated the online resources here by age/grade. I hope everyone gets to enjoy the freedom and benefits of homeschooling their children!

Freedom schooling

Learning resources

Primary/Elementary Grades:


Humanities and Arts



Early Childhood Education (preschool)

Play Garden Prep is a program based in NYC that specializes in a preschool online subscription service.

Other Language Learning Resources:



  • Angirrami Ilinniarniq: Digital resources you can use at home with your children from the Government of Nunavut
  • Pinnguaq: Inuktitut Language Resources from Pinnguaq
  • Inuuqatigiit: Inuktitut App resources from the Centre for Inuit Children, Youth and Families
  • Inuktut Tusaalanga “Let me hear!” A language resource (you can even change the dialect)

Junior and Senior High Learning Resources:

Language Arts

  • Math, Language Arts, Science, and many others: Khan Academy
  • Lessons for all grades in science, math, social studies and photography: CK12org
  • Learn a new language: Memrise
  • has many free resources for high school Language arts.
  • Tools for plagiarism check, grammar, proofreading and more are on Grammica
  • The Internet Advisor page has lots of ideas about how to write a formalized paper and do excellent research using different sources.
  • Skillshare is a site that offers many different types of classes for $10.50 CAD/month
  • GrammarChecker is a site that helps you check your papers for plagiarism, spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.

Humanities and Art



General resources/learning experiences:

Gameschooling resources:

Game-schooling is a term to describe children (and adults!) learning through games. Here are some great resources to get you started:

  • Gameschool Academy is a great place to start. Meg (the owner) reviews games and even has free printable games on her site.
  • My Little Poppies is also a great site full of reviews and ideas about adding games to your homeschool experience.
  • What Do We Do All Day? is another site who have reviewed games and have great free printables.
  • One Board Family also has reviews and videos on games their family has tried. They also have a podcast!

Resources for homeschooling and unschooling:


Honey, I’m Home schooling the Kids


Edutopia covers quite a few educational topics

Hip Homeschool Mom’s website. Packed full of great resources.

Blogs and other resources:

My Favourite books:

Judy Arnall: Unschooling to University. Relationships Matter most in a world crammed with content

Peter Grey: Free to Learn

Kerry MacDonald: Unschooled: Raising Curious, Well Educated Children outside the conventional classroom

John Taylor Gatto: Dumbing us down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

Blake Boles: Why are you still sending your kids to school?