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Author: Golda David

Helping people navigate the school system

Boost Your Child’s Brain Development with these Simple Activities

This is a guest post by Samidha Raj, who works as part of the content marketing team at Planet Spark. The first five years of your child’s life are vital for their brain development. And even though you may find a lot of online advice about fancy toys and activities to boost brain development, in…
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Using Game-Based Learning To Enhance Your Child’s Education

Guest blog post by Jenna Sherman from As classrooms modernize, one of the most important questions is how technology can be used to engage and educate children. Game-based learning may offer a solution that parents and educators have been seeking. Understanding games as learning tools can help with everything from math to hand-eye coordination…
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Back to school?

It’s hard to believe it has been months since Covid-19 started and our world got turned upside down! This year has been very challenging for so many people for a lot of different reasons. In our area we have received hundreds of calls in a very short period of time asking what parent’s options are.…
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Where’s the re-set?

When COVID-19 crisis started, I immediately saw that it was two sided. On one side was the chaos and on the other was opportunity. In the last two weeks I have seen people in the system of education doing everything they can to make sense of what has happened, do what they think is best…
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I was thrilled, honoured, (and shocked!) to be asked to interview for a podcast by someone I’ve been following and listening to for quite awhile. Robyn Robertson from Honey, I’m Homeschooling the Kids asked for an interview from me a few months ago. I think the podcast went well with a lot of thoughtful questions.…
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This page is a culmination of a few years of research and experience in the world of homeschooling, unschooling and alternative forms of education for children. I started off as a teacher and a principal, believing public education was the best thing for children and ended up here as an unschooling mother to an 11…
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