Alberta, Canada


Helping people navigate the school system


I was thrilled, honoured, (and shocked!) to be asked to interview for a podcast by someone I’ve been following and listening to for quite awhile. Robyn Robertson from Honey, I’m Homeschooling the Kids asked for an interview from me a few months ago. I think the podcast went well with a lot of thoughtful questions. I would be grateful if you could listen to it when it is published and give some feedback, rate it five stars, or whatever you do to promote and support podcasts (maybe visit Robyn’s patreon page!).

We talked about the state of education, the beliefs within the school system that might not be entirely accurate and research that is not well received or well known in the system of education. I think we can all agree that most people within the system have the best intentions and really believe that they are doing the right thing but maybe are not aware of how some practices can be harmful to the learning of people.

We went over the ideas of standardized testing and what is wrong with it as well as the stated reason for the practice in provinces and states. We talked about single parenthood and the challenges of being a working-from-home homeschooling mother.

I hope you listen to it! Give us some feedback! Let me know what you think in the comments below!